I love days when the episodes come out so much

that I don’t want to do anything but sit at my computer and watch you all react to them.

I’m so lucky, that I get to do this, that we all get to have this experience together…I spend way too much time on here, answering questions, admiring your speculations—some of which are way off and others are dead on—and yes, trolling. But things are getting so exciting right now with LBD it’s just so wonderful and fun and exciting and unlike any other acting experience I’ve ever had. I just can’t help myself.

I’m going to be very sad when it is over and my days will go back to being normal. Thank goodness L7S2 will be in full swing by then, otherwise I think I’d just be crying myself to sleep at night.

  1. huffledorkable said: No, you won’t be crying yourself to sleep at night, you’ll stay up late to answer all your messages from your fans, because you’re awesome :) But okay, I’ll be so sad too when LBD end… Can’t Lydia keep on vlogging?
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  5. youremindmeofhomethanks said: you and MK trolll so well. especially on twitter. lol its actually really awesome to see your real time reactions to our reactions.
  6. beigelandlox said: Lizzie Bennet is soon!!!! NO.