Anonymous asked:
MK, today's episode was gorgeous. No matter what my opinions are or what the opinions are of the fandom are, I'm so glad Lydia has found something and someone who makes her so incredibly happy. She and you glowed in this video, and even if it goes down in flames, I want the fandom to remember that George Wickham made Lydia feel this happy, even if it ends badly. Anything that brings a level of happiness cannot be completely evil. ~Lots of Love from a huge fan

Thank you for this sweet note, Anon. You know, I tend to agree.

What do you guys think?

01/29/13 at 11:05AM
  1. wallabywannabe said: I’m so glad that Lydia’s allowing herself to be happy, and to have these feelings. Even if it’s not good or “real,” she’s never let herself do that before. It makes me so proud and happy for her. (That doesn’t mean I’m not insanely worried, though!)
  2. daylightburnsahole said: I think people need to remember that it doesn’t really end badly for Lydia. She gets to marry the man she loves. It’s bad for her FAMILY, and she doesn’t care about that because her family “abandoned” her, which is why she went to Wix to begin with.
  3. beboldbealive said: ohmygosh this is exactly how I feel. I’m so happy that Lydia has a sense of self-worth again.
  4. itsneverfaraway said: I love that Lydia is happy and so amazingly in love. But at the same time, I’m worried that about her future and, considering how she’s pushing people away, what she’ll do if she’s really being used(Despite my certainty that she is, I still cling to hope)
  5. lies said: I was struck by how Lydia’s body language and facial expression and tone of voice seemed to communicate how uncertain and isolated she felt. There was a real contrast, I thought, with what she was actually saying.
  6. huffledorkable said: I want her to feel happy, but… ugh, feels!
  7. sheisthesunlightt said: I think im going to die of suspense since there is a ? for the next lydia video.
  8. carrie-woodward said: ….I don’t think that the relationship is healthy.
  9. lyrasdaemons said: I agree that it’s lovely to see Lydia this happy! But there is also an uneasy underlying feeling of doom, that I think I’d be having even if I hadnt read the book. She deserves happiness, but she deserves it to be permanent and given guiltlessly.
  10. neither-saint-nor-sinner said: I think that heroin can give you a hell of a high, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.