"I’m a loose bolt of a complete machine…"

Hey guys. So as you may have seen on twitter, Rachel and I are putting things in motion on our aim of Making Things Together, and we have named that aim Loosely Bolted. You can check out our website, follow us on twitter, and get an early start by subscribing to our youtube channel.

We’re not exactly sure what we’re making yet, although we have some pretty kickass ideas (and also some less kickass ideas that will improve in time), but we know eventually we want to make a Big Thing, like a series, or whatever. Until then, we want to keep making videos to 1. entertain you 2. be creative 3. try new things 4. be productive 5. have fun. But Rachel and I have no money and no equipment to do these things. That’s why, if you go to our website, there is a place you can donate if you feel so moved, and the website explains in greater detail just what that’s going towards and why we need it and what have you. We’ll probably do a kickstarter for our actual series down the line, but this is just so we can get started and make stuff that’s better quality than what we could shoot on our iphones. 

We only tweeted about this a couple times yesterday, and already some of you have been incredibly generous in providing us some funds to get started with. For that, I want to say thanks, and even if you can’t spare any right now, I hope you’ll be excited with us, because I’m pretty stoked about it. You guys are the reason why we do what we do, and it’s really, really encouraging just to know that people respond to and get excited about your work. It’s giving us a lot of hope and motivation to make some good stuff.

Thanks dudes, and see you soon.

04/14/13 at 4:32PM
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    *Patiently waiting to see Loosely Bolted in my subscription feed* If you are a fan of original web content at all, you...
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    I love this duo and can’t wait to see what they create ^_^
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